If you spend an evening surfing YouTube and other parts of the internet, you’ll find that Neuropathy is widespread, hard to pin down, and that a lot of people are suffering from it. You’ll also see some “treatments” that would be amusing if the suffering weren’t so real.

We think our treatment stands out as clear, easy to understand, and effective. It addresses the root causes of the disease and helps restore nerve function. There’s not much else out there like our unique and proprietary treatment.

Here’s a sampling of what we found:

Debridement & Other Treatments Of Infected Diabetic/Neuropathic Wounds

These videos are hard to watch, but they show what can happen when Neuropathy is left untreated. Don’t let this happen to you. Come see us today.

General Information About Neuropathy And Living With It

Notice he mentions a “bone marrow aspirate” in this video (above). That’s where they stick a large needle into your bone and suck out some marrow. It hurts!

A 13 Year Old With Neuropathy

These 3 videos show how crippling and sad peripheral neuropathy can be. Also how ineffective conventional treatment seems to be:

The Rebuilder Device

The Rebuilder shown here is a home version of the more powerful electronic part of our treatment. You’ll see several videos on the internet that mention the Rebuilder device and how happy people are after trying it. We think this device is a step in the right direction. Multiply its effectiveness by several times and you’ll have some idea of how well our treatment works.

Magnetic Insoles, Lights, Creams, Exercises, And Other “Treatments”

When people are desperate, they will try anything, but we recommend avoiding these kinds “treatments”. Exercise is always good, but unless something intervenes and stops the degeneration of your nerves, the damage will continue to progress. Exercises might slow it down, but professional intervention (like our treatment) is necessary to stop it.

Neuropathy Segment on Today Show

Introduces the Neuropathy Association and indicates that over 20,000 Americans suffer with Neuropathy.

Dr. Heimlich in Scottdale/Phoenix

Good information and advice. Our treatment is similar to his --

Diagnosing And Treating Peripheral Neuropathy. Videos From

Electroacupuncture For Painful Neuropathy

Notice the electronic equipment used here. This is similar to the equipment we use, but with our equipment, we don’t need to stick needles into you.

Cortese Foot And Ankle’s Clinic’s Anodyne Therapy

Our treatment evolved out of, and incorporates, the ideas behind Anodyne therapy --

I know some of these videos were hard to watch, but there is now an answer for Neuropathy patients. Make An Appointment and come see us today.

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