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If a picture is worth 1000 words, here we are on the cover of “M.D. News” magazine. Here’s more from the accompanying article. We’ve paraphrased it to save time and space:

“In many cases our treatment is better and safer than surgery or other more traditional treatments,” says Dr. H. Kenneth Gilbertson, Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management, Administrator of Neuropathy Pain Doctors and and past President of the Missouri State Board of Examiners.

“The medical group at NPD is able to offer a multi-specialty approach for treatment for the individual patient and the particular problems. We are a physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic, where the doctors treat most pain conditions, as well as neck, mid-back and shoulder problems. Approximately 55 percent of BPI’s patients are men. Patient ages range from 14 years to 92 years, with an average of 46 years of age”, says Dr. Gilbertson. “

We specialize in the use of cutting edge technologies to address underlying conditions, help your body heal itself, and avoid surgery and addictive medications.We are a multidisciplinary practice. That means we draw on all parts of the medicine -- orthodox (MD), alternative (DC) and holistic -- seeking out non-surgical technologies and treatments we think might help our patients. We are not limited to one school, one specialty, or one way of thinking.

Here’s more from MD News Magazine and Dr. Gilbertson:

“To return hope to a patient who has significantly altered his or her lifestyle and expectations … offers an incredible opportunity to the patient and the medical personnel involved in the treatment. Eliminating that pain, restoring normal … function, improving muscular strength and flexibility are the goals of the professionals at Neuropathy Pain Doctors and Back Pain Institute.

Educating patients on how to maintain their newfound wellness is another part of each treatment plan.

“We want them to lead productive, pain-free lives, and we understand the frustration that occurs when they are unable to do so,” Gilbertson says. Some of these frustrations include the loss of a job, divorce and feeling life is not worth living.

“Lower back pain and the disability accompanying Neuropathy is often work-related and among the most common problems discussed with occupational health and primary care providers. For some, the pain has been so terrible and persistent that they have thoughts of suicide. To learn that there might be relief for this pain may seem a miracle for many and prospective … patients are encouraged to talk to others who have opted for relief through [our treatment programs].

“The doctors also encourage patients to take the time to become acquainted with the medical personnel and staff at NPD, any of whom are willing to visit with them and talk about their treatment plan so that they feel comfortable with the path they have chosen to follow. Comfort, a sense of belonging, and trust are great beginnings to a successful health care partnership, says Gilbertson. Combine these with the large number of successful outcomes following the choice of undergoing the inherently safe NPD Program and it’s no wonder that some regard it as the miracle that saved their lives."

“Such simple pleasures like swinging a golf club, taking a drive to enjoy the seasonal foliage, bending over to lift a grandchild, picking flowers in the garden you planted — all back on your daily agenda after the NPD Program. Maybe that’s the real miracle of it all.

“We believe it is this multidisciplinary approach that has made us successful treating discomfort associated with both Neuropathy and back pain."

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