Neuropathy. Now There Is a Treatment That Works!

Do you suffer from:

1.  Numb Toes? Numb Feet?
2.  Diabetes Complications?
3.  Leg Cramps? Leg Pain? Burning Foot Pain?
4.  Pain When You Walk?
5.  Sharp Nerve Pain Like Electric Shocks?
6.  Difficulty Sleeping Because of Leg & Foot Discomfort?
7.  Pricking or Tingling Feelings In Your Toes, Feet, Ankles, or Legs?

If you do, which group fits you the best?

1.  Your doctor has been unable to diagnose your problem? Or he has tried different medicines that either didn’t work or had unpleasant side effects?

2. You’ve been everywhere and tried everything but nothing has worked?

3. Or you’ve heard that you had Neuropathy but you also heard there was just not a lot that could be done for it?

AMPUTATIONWhether you fit best in Category 1, 2, or 3, if you have Neuropathy, it probably keeps getting worse. It will do that. And in some cases it will finally lead to AMPUTATION! That's too bad, because today, we can treat Neuropathy.  Our Specialty is treating Neuropathy. But untreated, it usually gets worse. Sometimes it is called Diabetic Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy, Idiopathic Neuropathy and/or several other names.  But it is all the same disease, and it affects the lives of approximately 21,000,000 Americans. Approximately 30% of Neuropathy is idiopathic, which means the cause is unknown.

As we've indicated, there are many kinds of Neuropathy and many conditions that are associated with it, or can cause it, or perhaps speed it up.  Every day we are learning more about Neuropathy -- where it comes from and how to treat it.  For the latest information about Neuropathy, subscribe to our free email newsletter.  The signup form is in the sidebar on the right. 

Until now, if your Neuropathy was diagnosed at all, the treatment has usually been limited to medication.  But medication only masks the problem and perhaps makes you a little more comfortable.  And many medications have unpleasant side effects.  None of them reverse or even slow down the progression of damage to your nerves.  In a word, they don’t work!

Something New

No more leg cramps, foot pain, ankle pain, pain in calf, numbness in toes, pain in feet, aching foot pain, foot drop, numb leg or pain in ankles.  These people enjoy walking again.There is now good news, though. Today there IS a treatment that slows down and even reverses Neuropathy. It works! And it works without dangerous or addictive medications.

That new treatment is ours. It’s unique and proprietary. That means you won’t find it in other places. It stops the pain and numbness in the first few treatments and restores circulation to your legs and feet. Then it helps your body HEAL YOUR NERVES AND YOUR NEUROPATHY.

When you come in, our doctors will use state of the art diagnostics and give you a clear and accurate diagnosis. We won’t leave you guessing. Then, if you decide to proceed with treatment, you will feel the effects immediately. For most of our patients, that means they will walk out more comfortable than when they walked in.

Testimonials From Our Patients

Here are testimonials from some of our patients --

“I Feel Much Better …"

trigeminal neuropathy, polyneuropathy, peripheral nerve, neuropathy of the feet, diabetic foot care, pain management.  No more worries since I found Neuropathy Pain Doctors.

"For the past 6-7 years it felt like I was wearing invisible stockings, [and] the numbness had gotten worse in the past 2 years. I had numbness in both feet -- the tops and the bottoms -- and I also had shooting pain in my toes.

"The treatment [at Neuropathy Pain Doctors] has reduced the numbness in my feet; I can now feel the carpet. I couldn’t before treatment. Although the pain and numbness are not completely gone, I feel much better.

"Everyone is very supportive, helpful in explaining what’s being done, very professional and very nice."Nancy Rigman
Saint Louis, MO


“The Doctors At NPD Are Miracle Workers …"

No more leg pain, leg pain symptoms, heel pain causes, nephropathy, feet pain, diabetic foot care, aching foot pain, neuropathy of the feet, foot painful.  Neuropathy Pain Doctors fixed it all.

"See that foot coming down on those tacks? That was me before I came to Neuropathy Pain Doctors. My family doctor told me there was really nothing he could do for me and I was getting desperate.

“So I asked friend and tried everything, but the numbness was turning into pain and it kept getting worse. I didn’t know what to do or what to try and I was afraid I was going to become crippled. Or even worse, lose one of my feet.

“Then a friend told me about Neuropathy Pain Doctors. What a relief! They know about Neuropathy. They knew exactly what I was talking about. And they knew what to do about it. The relief was wonderful! And so were the people here and their treatment. No surgery, no drugs, and I felt relief almost immediately. I could tell it was working even after the first day!

“Now I’m back to my old self. That darned old pain and numbness are GONE, GONE, GONE!!! See that smile on my face? Now you know why I’m smiling. Because the pain is gone!

“If you have pain or numbness or Neuropathy and if you don’t know what to do next, then CALL Neuropathy Pain Doctors right now. I’m sure glad I did.”Mary Helen Bolen
St. Louis, MO


Here are two video testimonials:
Barbara: "I have hurt so bad I didn't sleep at night. I have been up for days on top of days. My feet would be hurting so bad I couldn't sleep. I just lived a miserable life until I came here. The Neuropathy Pain Doctors has made the most wonderful difference in my life ... The difference is 110% better!"Barbara King
George: "I've been diabetic for about 10 years, and my toes were numb .. there was not as much feeling .. in the ends of ... in my toes. And now the left one is virtually normal. Since I've been coming to Neuropathy Pain Doctors, it's been a remarkable experience, all the way around ... Neuropathy Pain Doctors have made a, uh, really a significant difference in my life!"George Theodorakis

“I Even Went To The Mayo Clinic …"

type 2 diabetes diet, inflammatory conditions, leg cramps, what causes foot pain.  I don't worry since finding Neuropathy Pain Doctors.

"I tried everything, even went to the Mayo Clinic -- nothing and no one helped me. I went to the Neuropathy Pain Doctors. All I can say is IT REALLY WORKS! It has helped me tremendously."William Rook


“It Works!!"

“I have suffered for 3 years with pain in my feet and legs. I don’t have to take the pain medication anymore! I can do more, stand longer, I have better balance and less pain.

“It works!”Wanda Randle


“Wow! What a Relief. No More Pain Or Numbness In My Feet!"

No more burning feet, numb feet, leg foot pain, pain relief treatment, nerve pain, painful feet, pain in legs, diabetic feet, diabetes pain, pain in right leg, night leg pain, or pain treatments.  Neuropathy Pain Doctors fixed my Neuropathy.

"Wow! What a relief to no more pain or numbness in my feet.

"Now I can do the things I did 5 years ago --

"I can run up and down steps without being so cautious.
I am more confident in my footing.
"My balance is better.
"I have more “pep” in my step.

"Before treatment I was in pain and felt like I was always walking on cardboard.

"I was previously prescribed medicine to stop the pain but it wasn’t worth it.

"This program is different because it restored my feet back to normal. As someone who has been through the program, I can recommend the Neuropathy Pain Doctors. Everyone is so friendly and they really care."

"Thank you!"Abe Davis
St. Louis, MO


P.S. We’ve included Abe's Histogram Studies below. Histograms are another display of some of the nerve tests we use to help diagnose our Neuropathy patients and guide our treatment.

Burning feet, numb feet, peripheral neuropathy surgery, pain relief treatment, neuropathy treatment, diabetes pain. I found treatment complete at Neuropathy Pain Doctors.

Abe's charts (Histograms) show that when Abe started treatment, we couldn’t even measure the response from the 5 nerves shown in each bar graph -- the nerves that control function and feeling in your feet. That was in July and it meant Abe’s nerves were basically not working -- or working so poorly that we could not measure them.

By September (orange bars), we could measure all 9 out of 10 of Abe's nerves, and by November (green bars), most of his nerve function had improved back into normal range.

There is still a problem with one nerve on each side, but overall, these charts show a remarkable recovery for someone who had been told there was "nothing to do" and who had been put on a program made up largely of pain medication.

Taking pain medication for Neuropathy is a little like covering up the "oil pressure" light on your car's dashboard when it comes on. Obviously that would not be a good response. Putting some oil into your car would be a much better response. And that's what 99.9% of us do. With our cars. Which we can replace when they break down.

Yet, when it comes to our bodies -- which we cannot replace -- we routinely treat Neuropathy by "covering up the oil pressure light". We take pain killing drugs, mask the symptoms, and let the Neuropathy proceed to ravish our bodies. When you look at things that way, can you see that just taking pain killing drugs for Neuropathy is not a good solution?

We are proud of the treatment we have developed at Neuropathy Pain Doctors. It is highly effective and avoids both surgery and the use of dangerous medications.

And --

Getting back to Abe --

Abe is no longer taking any medication related to Neuropathy and, as he says in his own words, "I'm back to normal". We’re proud to be able to show these kinds of results and proud to have helped Abe start "living his life" again.


“I Could No Longer Tolerate It …… [Now I] Live a Pain Free Lifestyle"

“I have suffered with numbness and shooting pain in my feet and legs for the past 5 years. I was at the point I could no longer tolerate it.

“Since my treatment I can sleep better and no longer awaken at night with leg cramps. I can climb the stairs easier and no longer use my cane.

“I recommend my friends and family so they can live a pain free life style. The doctors and staff are all so caring.”Mary Lou Sheridan
St. Charles, MO


“My doctor Said I Would Just Have To Live With It -----"

"Over the past 15 years, I felt like I was walking on sponges. My feet were numb, hot and burning. I heard about the Neuropathy Pain Doctors and felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My doctor never offered me any treatment, he just said, I would have to live with it.

I now have more feeling, more confidence and better balance. They kept me informed about each step of the way and the treatment definitely is working.

"I would recommend this treatment to others. I was losing both sensory and motor skills…

"So if it worked for me, it can work for others.

"Everybody at the clinic is very professional and friendly."Mary Davis
St. Louis, MO


Do we have your attention?  Would you like to know more?  Then follow these links to other parts of our site and learn more about our groundbreaking new treatment for Neuropathy --

One More Question

Oh, and one more question we hear a lot --

Q: Is Neuropathy dangerous? What happens if I just leave it alone?

A: YES. Neuropathy is a progressive disease. That means if you leave it alone, it gets worse. That makes it very dangerous. And leaving it alone is not a good idea.

Leaving it alone might have been your only option until now, but, finally, you are now learning about our new and effective treatment. It is even usually covered by Medicare or private insurance, which means our treatment will cost you little or nothing out of pocket.

These pictures are examples of what can happen when people have Neuropathy and try to ignore it:

In extreme cases, as we said above, untreated Neuropathy can even lead to amputation. Why? Because pain warns us when something is wrong. When our nerves, and therefore our pain warning systems, aren't working right, it becomes very difficult to protect and care for our toes, feet and legs. We can’t tell when they’ve been scuffed, burned, cut or punctured. The result? When the damage has gone too far, doctors have to cut off the parts of your body that are too badly damaged to heal.

But today, there’s no reason for anyone to have to face anything as drastic as amputation. In fact, there’s no reason to continue suffering. You’ve come to the right place. Our Specialty is Neuropathy. Now visit the rest of our site and learn more about Neuropathy and how we treat it. Then go to our Make An Appointment page and make your first appointment today!

Q. What are some of the complaints or symptoms you hear from patients when they come in?

A. Here are some of the more common symptoms and complaints -- things we hear from patients. If any of these phrases fit you, you might have Neuropathy and be a good candidate for our treatment.  Make An Appointment now and come talk with one of our doctors:

  • Nighttime leg pain
  • Diabetes complications
  • Diabetic foot problems
  • Leg and foot numbness
  • Nerve pain in feet
  • Tingling feet
  • Tingling toes
  • Leg pain
  • Foot pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Diabetes pain
  • Numb feet
  • Back of leg pain
  • Heel pain
  • Numbness in toes
  • Painful toes
  • Foot pain
  • Pain in toes
  • Burning feet
  • Pains in legs
  • Painful legs
  • Peripheral nerve pain
  • Diabetes treatment and pain
  • Painful toes
  • Pain in toes
  • Neuropathy pain


And patients ask us about:

  • Neuropathy in their feet
  • Peripheral neuropathy surgery
  • What causes foot pain?
  • Causes of leg pain
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  • What does Neuropathy pain feel like?
  • Is our treatment related to treatment for lupus?
  • Do we offer pain relief treatment?
  • How do we diagnose Neuropathy in feet?
  • Are patients candidates for peripheral neuropathy surgery?

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  1. NPD-Admin on 01-Nov-2013

    Very good, Walter. On behalf of our doctors, we’re looking forward to meeting you. Greg

  2. walter compton on 30-Oct-2013

    i will make an apointment with you within the next two weeks

  3. NPD-Admin on 01-Nov-2013

    Check my comments about our Medical Tourist program, Walter. We can’t recommend other doctors. Our treatment is proprietary. But if you can come to St. Louis for treatment, I think there’s a good chance that you’ll find relief here. Good luck. Greg

  4. Walter K. RAFELD on 24-Oct-2013

    I have been suffering from neuropathy in my feet and hands for 2 years now and it is getting worse.All I am using is lyrica for some pain relieve.Is there anybody in Australia using your treatment?
    Kind regards
    Walter Rafeld

  5. NPD-Admin on 01-Nov-2013

    Call Anni and make an appointment to come see our doctors, Melvyn. You might also want to do some research into the Glycemic Index and “Wheat Belly” (a best selling book) for your diabetes. Good luck. Greg

  6. melvyn stark on 15-Oct-2013

    need help. burning on top of feet and legs. will not go away, the worst ever. been a diabetic type 2 for 31 years. taking gabapentin 300mg for almost 2 weeks and not helping at not know what else to do. again, need help.

  7. NPD-Admin on 01-Nov-2013

    Yes, Theresa, you can get Neuropathy in your hands, but even we don’t treat that kind of Neuropathy. Please see my answer to Melvyn (right above this comment). You might find some help there. Good luck. Greg

  8. Theresa Cookman on 18-Aug-2013

    Can you also get Neuropathy in your hands because I have the same sympthms in my hands that I got in my feet ankles legs and os. Plus can you recommend a Doctor here in Omaha,NE?

  9. NPD-Admin on 01-Nov-2013

    You’re right, Lisa. It’s been a while since we’ve answered comments on our site. Our bad. But we’re back now, and all comments are getting answered. Greg

  10. lisa on 16-Aug-2013

    I see alot of testimonials but no response from NPD Doctors please reapond curious natures. Please reapond thank you gos bless.

  11. NPD-Admin on 01-Nov-2013

    Hello Margaret — I think Kaiser covers our treatment, but our doctors need to see you first to determine exactly what treatment you need. Then our insurance people will be able to give you a definite answer. Call Anni and set up your first appointment as soon as possible. Greg

  12. Margaret Thatcher on 09-Aug-2013

    I am a member of Kaiser Permanente. Can I get this treatment there?

  13. NPD-Admin on 01-Nov-2013

    Sorry to hear about your son, Sandra. Sounds like a difficult situation. We don’t treat people long distance, but check my answers to other comments. We do have a Medical Tourist program. If a trip to St. Louis for 1-2 months might be possible for your son, that’s what I’d suggest. Good luck. Greg

  14. sandra kozarian on 29-Jul-2013

    My Son suffers from advanced Peripheral Nueropathy, He is only 52 years and wants to die to get relief from pain…..burning feet, fire work pain in his feet,
    He needs help.
    Thank you
    Sandra Kozarian

  15. NPD-Admin on 01-Nov-2013

    You’re asking good questions, Sara, but it will take a doctor seeing you before we can give you answers. There are kits that allow you to check your own blood sugar, but from your comment, I’d suggest that you come in and let one of our doctors talk with you and examine you. Good luck. Greg

  16. Sara Van Antwerp on 26-Jul-2013

    I had a heart attack 09/03/2011 and am taking Enalaprel, Metoropol, and Crestor. I am having terrible pain and burning in my legs to the point I can’t sleep.
    I’m fine as long as I am up and walking around doing my chores, but at night the pain is so bad I can hardly stand it.
    I am 71 years old and try to stay on a natural diet and grow a lot of my own vegetables.
    Is it the medication? Should I have my sugar checked? Or could it be my Parathyroid? I know I have a problem with my parathyroid as it’s producing too much calcium.

  17. Dr. H. Kenneth Gilbertson on 23-Apr-2013

    Hi Gene — Unfortunately, we’re familiar with your kind of case, and the suffering you’re going through. We can’t treat you long distance, but if you could come to St. Louis for a month or more, we could probably give you a great deal of relief. Would you like me to send you more information about our Medical Tourist program for out of town patients. It’s not as difficult or expensive as you might think. Hope this helps. Greg

  18. Gene Locklear on 30-Mar-2013

    I got in a real bad wreak in 2010.I have bad back due bone on neave to long and neuropathy in hands back and which is now moving up my legs.PAIN IS UNREAL BUT TO TO THAT OFF I SLEEP WITH ICE PACKS ALL Night.they last some times five mins to 15 mins.No sleep for my wife or me.days are not much better.Now summers on the way will live in ice.DONT KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER i CAN HANG ON.FEELING IN MY FEET SO SOUR CANT WEAR SHOES OR WALK SOMETIMES.i HAVE MEDCARE AND A SUPLIMENT BLUE CROSS HMO.PART A PART B AND PART C.DO TAKE THIS.i TAKE 1200 MGS NEUROPATON EVERY 8 HRS AND NORPHLENE EVER 8 HRS.5 MGS OCX FOR PAIN NO HELP.Please email mail with anything at all.GENE OF LUMBERTON,NC

  19. NPD-Admin on 23-Oct-2012

    Call Anni, Larry, and come in for an appointment. If it’s Neuropathy, we can help. Anni’s number is at the top right of every web page in our site. Good luck. Greg Andrews.

  20. larry olson on 23-Oct-2012

    wife and my self both have problems with feet ,wife has it the worst

  21. NPD-Admin on 15-Oct-2012

    You’re in a tough position, Ann. And at 75 years old, most government sponsored programs start getting stricter about trying new treatments or treatments they consider “experimental”. Basically it’s cost cutting, though. I can only suggest that you talk with family and friends and see about a trip to the United States. We don’t know about and can’t recommend doctors other than the doctors in our own office. I’m sorry I can’t seem to be more helpful. Good luck. Greg Andrews

  22. Ann Jakeman on 26-Sep-2012

    I live in the UK and I have had pheriferal Nuropothy for abour 5 years After 3 years I was diagnosed wth PN and my specialist recommended several pain relief but they dont work and one of them left me unconcious for 3 days and a zombie for a week
    I now take pegabalin and another one to help me sleep
    I cant afford to come to the states as I am 75 and a pensioner
    can you recomend any one else in the UK that can help me please
    My spaecialist has now put me back in the arms of my GP as he says I am wasting his and my time as there is nothing he can do

  23. NPD-Admin on 15-Oct-2012

    The various medical societies are not referral organizations, Dean. If you’re in the St. Louis area, I’d suggest you come in and talk with one of our doctors. If we can’t help you, there won’t be a charge for the consultation. Good luck. Greg Andrews

  24. Dean Lydig on 16-Sep-2012

    If your staff is so successful in treating Neuropathy, why would the
    Neuropathy Society not be sending people to you. We have a foot doctor here you claims he can help people with the problem. He will not give out the name of one person he has helped. I do not mean to emply that what you say is not true, but there is always some one
    out there who tries to make money off peoples problems.

  25. NPD-Admin on 15-Oct-2012

    Hi James — Please check the comments below. We have a Medical Tourist plan for people outside of St. Louis. If you can afford the time and expense, you can come to St. Louis for treatment. But we can’t recommend local doctors. We don’t know who they are or what protocols they might be following. Contact me at my email address on the left if you’re interested in coming to St. Louis for treatment. Cheers — Greg

  26. James Adams on 10-Sep-2012

    I am very interested in having the neuropathy pain doctors help me to stop or lessen my neuropathy pain. I live in Clinton Twp, MI. Are there any offices or locations near me?

  27. NPD-Admin on 07-Sep-2012

    Hi Eden — Please call Anni. Her phone number is at the top right of each page on our web site. She will help you with information about insurance coverage. Good luck. Greg Andrews

  28. Eden Lozano on 06-Sep-2012

    I work for DePaul -SSMHC. Will i be cover if I go to your office.

  29. NPD-Admin on 07-Sep-2012

    Hi Suzanne — No, we don’t have an office closer to Jacksonville, but we do have a Medical Tourist program for people who want to come to St. Louis and stay for treatment. The stay is usually between 6 and 8 weeks, which is not feasible for some people, but if you can afford the time, please write back to me by email and I’ll put you in touch with our Travel Coordinator. Hope to hear from you soon — Greg Andrews

  30. Suzanne Covert on 13-Aug-2012

    Hi, do you have an office closer to Jacksonville, Fl.?
    Suzanne Cover904-221-4251

  31. NPD-Admin on 12-Aug-2012

    Take a closer look at our site and other comments, Lori. We have a “Medical Tourist” program with a travel coordinator who will help you plan a visit to St. Louis for treatment. For more details, if you can plan on 4-8 weeks in St. Louis, please contact me at my email address. It’s on the left. Thanks, Greg Andrews

  32. Lori on 12-Aug-2012

    My Mom has many of the symptoms you mentioned. She lives in Newton, KS outside of Wichita. How can I found Out if this type if treatment is available in her area?


  33. NPD-Admin on 12-Aug-2012

    Not a problem, Larry. Diabetes and Neuropathy tend to appear together. The diabetes causes the neuropathy, for what we can tell. Your next step is to call Anni (top right, each page on our site) and set up an appointment to see one of our doctors. Good luck. Greg Andrews

  34. Larry Hermes on 09-Aug-2012

    I have had severe neuropathy for 14 years and I am a type II diabetic.

  35. NPD-Admin on 12-Aug-2012

    Call Anni, Jay, and make an appointment to come see one of our doctors. Her phone is at the top right of each page on our web site. Good luck. Greg

  36. NPD-Admin on 06-Aug-2012

    Call Anni, Jay, and make an appointment to come in and see one of our doctors. Anni’s picture and phone number are at the top of most of our web page screens. Good luck, Greg Andrews

  37. jay on 04-Aug-2012

    need help

  38. NPD-Admin on 06-Aug-2012

    Hi Mike — CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease) is not one of the Neuropathies for which our treatment was developed. It might be able to give you some relief from pain or other unpleasant feelings, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you that here. My advice would be to contact Anni (top right of almost any website screen), and set up an appointment with one of our doctors. He or she will be able to give you a much better idea of whether we can help you or not. Good luck — Greg Andrews

  39. Mike Good on 29-Jul-2012

    What can your treatments do for CMT Charcot-Marie-Tooth

  40. NPD-Admin on 27-Jul-2012

    Hi Blair — Please contact me at the email address shown at the left if you would like to come to St. Louis for treatment. Thanks, Greg Andrews

  41. Blair Cardenas on 22-Jul-2012

    I live in tuscalooas al

  42. NPD-Admin on 14-Jul-2012

    Hi William — There can be many reasons for “bad and painful” feet. Read our website carefully — especially the Reference sections — and then, if you think you might have Neuropathy, call Anni for an appointment. Her phone number is at the top right of every page. Good luck. Greg

  43. william hamm on 14-Jul-2012

    I have really bad and painful feet

  44. NPD-Admin on 14-Jul-2012

    Hi Frank — I think our home page answers all of your questions, so it doesn’t make much sense for me to repeat them here. Please take another look at our site and then call Anni for an appointment. Her phone number is at the top right of every page. Good luck. Greg

  45. Frank Buress on 13-Jul-2012

    Can you describe what the treatment is? Is it an in-patient or an out-patient treatment? If out-patient, is it something I can administer at home? Where is the closest facility? Does your treatment fail to work on some people? If so, what is the sucess rate? I wi9ll do almost anything to cure my nurve pain – but I do not want to get my hopes up. Like many others, I have been told that there is nothing that can be done except to try to control the pain – and I do not enjoy the side effects of those meds.

  46. NPD-Admin on 15-Jun-2012

    Check our earlier comments, Patricia. We now have a “Medical Tourist” program with travel coordinators who can help you plan a trip to St. Louis and one month+ stay so we can treat you here. If you’d like more information, contact me at the email address shown on the left side of this comment. Hope to hear from you. Greg Andrews

  47. Patricia Warren on 14-Jun-2012

    Do you have any offices near Birmingham, Alabama?

  48. NPD-Admin on 15-Jun-2012

    Hi Howard. Have you googled Neurontin? Did you know it’s controversial and the subject of litigation? Here’s a quote from the site: “Neurontin (gabapentin) is an anti-epileptic medication, also called an anticonvulsant. It affects chemicals and nerves in the body that are involved in the cause of seizures and some types of pain.” As for electronic patch treatments, there are many gadgets being sold to Neuropathy sufferers that claim to provide relief. Most don’t. Our treatment does. On about 90% of the patients who qualify medically for our treatment. Take a look at our site and our comments and you’ll see what I mean. We don’t recommend other doctors out of state, but we do have a “Medical Tourist” program for patients who want to come to St. Louis for our treatment. Contact me at the email address on the left of you’re interested in our Medical Tourist program. Cheers — Greg Andrews

  49. howard lesser on 13-Jun-2012

    I have neuropathy in my feet for about 7 years. I take neuronton.I have tried other medications.They did no work.I also tried the electronic patch treatment. It did not work.How is your treatment different?

  50. NPD-Admin on 19-Jun-2012

    Hi Roy — When I was a kid, we had a saying. It was, “Does Macy’s tell Gimbles?” Guess that shows how old I am.

    What I’m saying is, we explain our treatment as much as we can without giving it away to any other doctor who might want to copy what we do.

    Read the site carefully. Look at the pictures. We’re as clear as we can be while still retaining what we consider to be proprietary information.

    Most of our patients are very pleased with their results. If you live in the area, call Anni and make an appointment. There’s no charge for the first consultation if you decide not to go forward, so what have you got to lose?

    Good luck —

    Greg Andrews

  51. roy d. stout on 07-Jun-2012

    why don’t you explain the treatment? the country has become one big las vegas, one scam after another, even by professionals like doctors.

  52. NPD-Admin on 05-Jun-2012

    We can’t recommend doctors in other states, Sam, but we can treat you in St. Louis if you want to take advantage of our “Medical Tourist” program. For more information about it, please check our earlier comments and/or send me an email at Hope this helps. Greg Andrews

  53. Sam Coniglio III on 03-Jun-2012

    Can you recommend any doctors in Florida that treat neuropathy?


  54. Laura on 18-May-2012

    I had a partial nephrectomy and ever since have had this terrible pain on my left side. The left side of my lower abdomen is completely numb. I have a large “lump” there which they say is because the nerve is dead and it is like the weak spot in an innertube that develops that bubble. I have been on so many different medications to try to control it. I have had the shots to numb it at the base of the nerve, and now I am on morphine sulphate (60mg twice a day) for about the last 8 months, with percocet as needed (to the tune of about 180) every 3 months. I am going crazy trying to find someone to help me. Is this something you could help me with? Please??

  55. NPD-Admin on 16-May-2012

    Nobody can diagnose you on a blog, Mary, but call Anni and make an appointment if you think it might be Neuropathy. 314-739-2900. Good luck. Greg

  56. Mary on 15-May-2012

    I have bad pain in my left cavles of my leg for a very long time it is getting so bad I can harder walk.When I get up in the morning its a 10.Please help I can’t stand this plain!

  57. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    I’ve approved your comment, Elizabeth, and thank you for telling it “like it is” for people suffering with chronic pain.

    I don’t know where you’re from, but if you really want to come to St. Louis for treatment, I’d suggest you spend whatever time you’re able to do so checking with charities, NGO’s (non governmental organizations), philanthropic organizations, even government/private grant programs that might be available to cover a few thousand dollars of travel expenses.

    Since we accept Medicare and Medicaid, paying for our treatment shouldn’t be a problem.

    I’m not an expert on charitable gifts or grants, but the not-for-profit world is a big one, you write well, and I’d be surprised if there isn’t somebody out there, or some group of people (bake sale? church donations? friends? family?) who might be willing to help you cover the travel expenses.

    If you decide to take this on as a project, let me know and keep in touch.

    Good luck. Greg

  58. Elizabeth on 26-Apr-2012

    Oh my…I have read the above posts and in a weird way am glad I’m not alone (not that I would wish this on anyone). I have been to two specialists including: Neurosurgeon/ Orthopedic surgeon. I have some back issues that my family doctor thought were causing nerve damage beyond just neuropathy. I have gotten no where, just told it was severe neuropathy. I honestly believe there is a nerve pinched some where. My symptoms intensified one night out of the blue, and its been the same pain day and night since. The only time it eases is on pain medicine. Since I come from a family of renal failure, I want nothing to do with meds. I am done with this disaster. I go from Hope of finding/proving there’s something wrong to crushed diagnosis. If this is neuropathy at its worst, what life do I have to look forward to at age 39? I am not a quitter, but I am throwing the towel in. I do not and have not struggled with depression. I only feel “depressed” when I am at my peak pain tolerance (which I feel is not outside the norm) But I just can’t live like this, I’m not living at all. I eat pain pills to go to work to pay for my doctor, then come home and eat pain pills so I can clean and “play” house with a fake smile on my face. (not that I am always pleasant..they know when I’m having a “bad” pain day). I don’t want to live like this anymore. I have set a date to end the suffering if I can’t find a solution. Chronic pain is not a joke and I wish I could change the minds of medical boards so they could understand. I know if you haven’t had severe pain, you don’t truly understand it ( I know I didn’t) and you can’t believe “it never goes away or stops” but it doesn’t. I can’t help what I should be feeling, I just know what I am feeling. Two years of this is a joke, a cruel, cruel joke. I like most of you would love to visit the office in ST. Louis, but I like most don’t have the means to get there and stay. I have medicaid through the state for 6 months right now, but I don’t have the means to travel and stay. I am sure its a wonderful program you offer. Please continue to post your findings in hope that those who can travel for treatment find out about your place and find the relief they seek. Good luck to all..

  59. NPD-Admin on 20-Apr-2012

    Hello Iftikhar — I think anything I might be able to suggest by way of exercise or medicine is already in our website, particularly our “Reference” section. It is extensive and you should be able to find some ideas in it.

    If you can find a way to travel to St. Louis, we might be able to help you, but for US citizens, the cost of treatment is usually covered by private or government medical insurance. For a Pakistani citizen, in addition to travel and hotel costs, there would also be the cost of treatment.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more optimistic, Iftikhar, but I wouldn’t be doing you a favor suggesting we might be able to help when there is probably very little we can do for you. Good luck, and I hope you find some relief.

  60. iftikhar on 18-Apr-2012

    sir my right feet toe numbness since last year. sir i am from pakistan and how to approch to you due to limited resources. can u suggest me any excercise or medicine

  61. Bonnie Reinwald on 16-Apr-2012

    Where are you located? I do not want to drive a long way for an apptment.

  62. NPD-Admin on 17-Apr-2012

    We’re in Bridgeton, Mollie, about 5 miles east of the airport. Take a look at the map on our “Make An Appointment” page. Here’s a link.

    Anni can tell you about whether or not Advantra Insurance covers our treatment. Her phone number is at the top right of every page in our web site.

    For an estimate regarding costs, you’ll need to come in at least once and have one of our doctors examine you. Then he or she will be able to give you an estimate of costs if Advantra doesn’t cover.

    It’s our policy to make our treatment affordable for any patient who can benefit from it, so I think there’s a good chance you’ll be able to afford treatment if you need it and Advantra does not cover it.

  63. Mollie Ballou on 15-Apr-2012

    Is there an office in North County? I have Advantra insurance. Will it cover this treatment? If not, what are the costs?

  64. NPD-Admin on 18-Apr-2012

    Hi Bonnie — We’re located in Bridgeton, MO, about 5 miles East of the airport.

    As for the length of your drive to come in for treatment —

    I understand not wanting to travel any more than necessary for treatment, but it depends on how much your condition is bothering you and how concerned you are about it. If you read down the comments, you will see that we are now treating people from outside Missouri on a regular basis. They travel to St. Louis and stay for 1-2 months of intensive treatment. The length of their stays depend on their condition, insurance coverage, time available, and personal finances.

    We are also working with people outside the US and helping them obtain B2 Visas for medical treatment, so that they can travel to St. Louis for treatment by our doctors.

    When you consider the time and cost for them to obtain our treatment, maybe what seems like a long way to drive now won’t seem so burdensome.

  65. NPD-Admin on 07-Apr-2012

    We can probably help with the Neuropathy related to your feet and legs, Frances and John. Our treatment is not as effective on hands and arms.

    If you have Type II diabetes (diabetes that you were not born with), and if you haven’t Googled the “Glycemic Index”, you might want to do that. By mostly eating foods that are low on the Glycemic Index, you can do a lot to control Type II diabetes (also known as adult onset diabetes). Some people can even control their diabetes entirely by changing what they eat. Then they can stop taking drugs or insulin to control their diabetes. Any medication adjustments, of course, would have to be approved by your doctor or one of our doctors.

    We’re not specialists in either arthritis or ED. Hopefully by helping your Neuropathy, we can make you at least a little more comfortable, but both arthritis and ED are specialties of their own. Please mention your comment and my reply when you are talking with one or more of our doctors. Hopefully they will be able to make some additional suggestions and/or referrals.

  66. Frances & John Dorrough on 07-Apr-2012

    We both have diabetes and neuropathy. My husband John has it worse than I do. I have started having problems with my feet and legs and in my left hand. My right leg has the complication of a repaired shattered right femur and osteoarthritis. My husband also has arthritis we both would like to be able to walk better. (He also has ED.). We would like to get hold of some of the problems and make it better for us

  67. NPD-Admin on 07-Apr-2012

    Sounds like you’re in a difficult position, Jeanne. I don’t know if there’s much our doctors can do to help. You might want to find a doctor or hospital department that deals with chronic pain and chronic pain patients. They specialize in medications and procedures that can make patients more comfortable even if the underlying condition can’t be fixed. I’d suggest you either ask your family doctor for a referral or else Google “pain management” “chronic pain treatment” and other similar searches until you find some doctors or clinics locally that might be able to help. Good luck.

  68. Jeanne Wand on 07-Apr-2012

    I have suffered from complex regional pain syndrome in my knee
    for 6yrs due to trauma and I am told this is nerve damage I have stopped the medication due to side effects so now I just put up with the pain.

  69. NPD-Admin on 06-Apr-2012

    Hi Voletta — Take a look at my nearby answers to other comments. The short answer to your comment/question is that you need to come to St. Louis for treatment, and plan on being here for between one and two months. We’ll soon have a Travel Coordinator to help you with airline, hotel, and ground transportation, or you can do it yourself regarding travel arrangements. But the first step is to call Anni and make an appointment for your initial consultation. Her phone number is at the top right of every page on our web site. Good luck, Voletta and please keep me posted on your progress. Greg

  70. Voletta Gaston-Hyche on 06-Apr-2012

    I need to know if you have a location in the Arlington Texas area. I really would like to follow up with yur treatmen.

  71. NPD-Admin on 31-Mar-2012

    Check some of my other recent answers to comments, Neville. You’ll need to apply at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate for a “B2 Tourist Visa” and give “medical treatment” as the reason for the visit. One of our Travel Coordinators (if you’d like) will help you with the rest of your travel arrangements. Otherwise, you can book them yourself. It’s up to you. But getting air tickets, good local hotel, ground transportation, and a bunch of other details all fitted together can sometimes be pretty tedious. That’s why we are about to introduce our Travel Coordinator services. And we’ll also, of course, supply any supporting documentation you need for your Visa. I’d suggest you start with a Visa application. Then send me an email and I’ll take care of making your initial appointments and getting you in touch with our Travel Coordinator. Greg

  72. Neville on 31-Mar-2012

    I am from south africa. How can i get treatment for neuropathy ?

  73. NPD-Admin on 30-Mar-2012

    Hi William (H. Laudel) — Call Anni, make an appointment, and come see one of our doctors. Washington University/Barnes Hospital both have well deserved reputations for practicing excellent medicine, but that still doesn’t mean they know everything about everything. We practice in a small and very specialized area, so it’s possible our protocols might still be able to help you. It’s even possible, depending on when you visited Barnes in the past, that our protocols hadn’t been developed yet.

    We routinely help patients who have visited other medical facilities without success, so I’d urge you to make at least an initial appointment. If our doctors think we can help, they’ll tell you so and explain what we plan to do. If they don’t think we can help, they’ll tell you that, too. Total risk: One appointment. As I see it, that’s a lot of upside in return for very little downside. Good luck, William.

  74. WILLIAM H.LAUDEL on 30-Mar-2012


  75. NPD-Admin on 24-Mar-2012

    Are you sure your artery is clogged, Sam? There are doppler tests that can be run to pin down blood flows through and/or damage to veins and arteries. Have you had those tests? A numb foot could be caused by one or more clogged arteries, but you also might be looking at blood clots in your veins — Phlebitis. The best advice I can give would be to have one of our doctors examine you and then make recommendations. Anything else would be basically shooting in the dark. Call Anni, Sam, mention this post and comment in our web site, and ask for an appointment. Make sure you bring a printout of your comment and this response to your appointment. That will help the doctor address all of your concerns.

  76. sam on 23-Mar-2012

    I have a numb right foot & toes. My artery to my leg is blocked and relying on collateral veins. Also walking training. Is there any medication that can be recommended and/or training? Please assist me.

  77. NPD-admin on 22-Mar-2012

    I think the proper term is “Neuropathy”, Vincy, and our site details the way we treat what I’m pretty sure you have. Take another look at the top right of this page and you’ll see a picture of Anni and her phone number. Give her a call, make an appointment to come and see one of our doctors, and you’ll be on your way to feeling better. Good luck.

  78. vincy on 22-Mar-2012

    please give proper treatment for neuritis of feet.

  79. NPD-Admin on 22-Mar-2012

    No, “Watch New TV Shows”, I do not write at any other sites. We specialize in a proprietary treatment for Neuropathy here, and that’s what I write about. Please comment again if you have any other questions.

  80. Watch new TV shows on 22-Mar-2012

    I am not writing to leave a response, but after looking at through a few of the responses on this page: “Neuropathy Pain Doctors – Now There is a Treatment For Neuropathy”, I do have a few questions for you if it’s okay. If you are writing at additional sites, I would like to keep up with you. [Rest of comment deleted as not relevant. Greg]

  81. NPD-Admin on 10-Mar-2012

    We don’t completely understand it ourselves, Russ.

    That’s common with respect to numerous medical treatments and pharmaceuticals — particularly pharmaceuticals. If you check the information for many drugs published by the manufacturers, it states that the mechanism by which the drug works is not understood, or at least not completely understood. But it’s been tested, it works, the FDA has found it ‘safe and effective’, and that’s enough. It’s essentially the same with our treatment.

    We do know that part of our treatment relaxes key muscle groups and interferes with the pain-spasm-pain-spasm cycle that restricts blood flows. With respect to other parts of our protocols, they’ve been extensively tested clinically (that means on real patients), they’ve been found to be ‘safe and effective’, and we know they work. That’s why most insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid are willing to pay for our treatment.

    Take a look at the sample nerve conduction test results we’ve published on the home page of our website. That patient’s nerve conduction dramatically improved after treatment — more evidence it worked. His painful symptoms went away, too.

    Nerve regeneration seems to be associated more with the electronic parts of our protocols than the other parts, but beyond what I’ve already described, we can’t explain more about the mechanism or physiology. I hope this helps.

    By the way, we’ve just added two new video testimonials. They’re on our home page, right below Mary Bolen’s testimonial. You might want to take a look at them.

  82. russ eaves on 09-Mar-2012

    I would like to understand more the mechanism and physiology behind your treatment

  83. NPD-Admin on 08-Mar-2012

    Take a look at my comment immediately below this one, Katina, particularly the paragraph that starts: 1. Treatment outside St. Louis:

    If your Dad can travel, and if he can arrange to come to St. Louis for a minimum of 2 weeks (3 is better), and if his condition qualifies as one we think we can treat, we will treat him as an out-of-state “medical tourist”. That means we will treat him 5 days/week, intensively, and do everything we can to do as much as we can for him in the limited time available.

    This is a new program for us, but if your Dad thinks he might want to take advantage of it, please contact me directly. My email is at the left side of this comment, right below my picture.

  84. katina on 08-Mar-2012

    Hello, my dad has been in pain for about two years suffering from numbness of the legs and foot. He is always in pain. He has been to a specialist and also several hospitals and no one can figure out what is going on. Do you have an office in jacksonville florida?

  85. NPD-Admin on 28-Feb-2012

    Hi Folks —

    Dr. Gilbertson has been a bit swamped with comments and patients. He apologizes for the delay in replying your comments, and he has asked me to help make replies more speedy and personal.

    My name is Greg, and I’ll try to answer all questions and comments soon. For this first post I’ll start with a few of the most popular subjects people have asked about:

      1. Treatment outside St. Louis:

    As we indicate on our web site, our treatment is proprietary. That means most doctors don’t know about it and don’t offer it. There are a few doctors in other states who have indicated interest and are starting to use our protocols, but we’re not familiar with what they do or how well they might be doing it. That’s a long way of saying we would not be comfortable trying to maintain a referral list of doctors or referring people to other doctors. We know our treatment works when we do it exactly the way we do it. We can’t say that about what any other doctors might be offering.

    We are working on a solution, though, for people outside of the St. Louis area who can travel. In conjunction with a local travel agency, we will soon be offering three “medical tourist” packages for people who are outside of Missouri or from other countries. In addition to plane fare, each package will include hotel, ground transportation and treatment. Our travel agency will also help with visas and other requirements for people outside of the United States.

    Here are the three packages:

    Package A: Package A is the best solution. It consists of a visit to St. Louis for three weeks and it includes intensive treatment five days a week.

    Package B: Package B is the next best solution. It’s the same as Package A but for two weeks. Package B is for patients who can’t afford, or don’t need, Package A.

    Package C: Package C is a weekly option with about ten visits to St. Louis and treatment 2-3 days/week. Depending on how quickly you respond to treatment, we will be able to adjust the number of visits either up or down.

    If you are interested in coming to St. Louis for treatment, please contact me directly at:

      2. “My doctor doesn’t seem to take me seriously”

    : We know. And we sympathize. As we explain in our web site, most doctors don’t know much about Neuropathy, don’t understand it, and don’t have a good treatment for it. They are, therefore, hesitant to make the diagnosis, and you, as a patient, end up feeling like your doctor has dismissed your complaints.

    We can only suggest that you arrange for a visit to our office and let us work you up from scratch. If you have Neuropathy, we’ll tell you, and we’ll tell you what we think we can do to help. If not, we’ll do our best to refer you to the appropriate specialist.

      3. Q. “Does my insurance cover your treatment?”

    A. Call Anni and ask her. Her phone number is at the top right of any page on our web site. We can say generally that Medicare and most major insurance plans cover our treatment.

      4. Q. “About how much will it cost?”

    A. If you are covered by Medicare or most major insurance plans, your out of pocket costs should be minimal. If not, and if you are going to pay for treatment yourself, we will need to see you and examine you before we can tell you what kinds of treatment you need and how much it will cost.

      5. For people taking other prescription pain medication:

    Those drugs are not part of our treatment or protocols.

    We know many patients take them, and they seem to offer some pain relief for about one third of the patients who take them. they do not address the underlying condition, though, or the nerve damage which is causing symptoms. For that and other reasons, they are part of our treatment.

    For more information about the side effects of some of these drugs, and the controversy related to them, check the reference parts of our web site or check them out using Google or Wikipedia.

    I hope this post has been helpful and has provided as much information as possible to the largest number of commenters. I’ll do my best to reply more specifically to specific comments soon.

    All the best —

  86. NPD-Admin on 27-Feb-2012

    Call Anni, Jimmie. Here picture and phone number are at the top of our page on the right. She can check insurance coverages for you. Good luck. Greg

  87. jimmie hoggard on 27-Feb-2012

    do you take essence insurance if not what price will it be if i pay it myself. i have to get something done

  88. NPD-Admin on 26-Feb-2012

    Amputation is a large step, Nicholas. And irreversible. In most cases, our treatment can avoid amputation. We only included it in our web site to show what can happen if Neuropathy is left untreated. Please contact Anni (top right of any page on our site) and make an appointment to be examined by one of our doctors as soon as possible. Unless your condition is very far advanced, we should be able to do something to avoid amputation. Good luck.

  89. Nicholas Efthimiou on 26-Feb-2012

    P.S. u email is
    469-999-4363. My pain is not taken seriously by doctors and I just can take it anymore should I amputate my ankles?

  90. NPD-Admin on 26-Feb-2012

    Come see us first, Nicholas. It’s a lot less drastic — and a lot more reversible — thank taking your life. Anni’s picture and phone are at the top right of each page of our site. Call he now, while you’re still thinking about it. And it might not be Neuropathy at all. Pro soccer players can accumulate a number of injuries that can mask as Neuropathy. Give your self a chance and let our doctors take a look.

  91. Nicholas Efthimiou on 26-Feb-2012

    to anyone that knows about peripheral neuropathy. I used to be a pro soccer player got neuropathy and Im ln living hell every day and if the pain doesn’t stop soon I will take my ….

  92. NPD-Admin on 25-Feb-2012

    Hi Norm and Phyllis and David and Demetris and Mike and Bobby

    You all wrote on the same day, so I’ll answer you together in one long post to save a little time and space. Norm, I’d suggest you read our site carefully, especially the part where we describe our treatments. Also the reference section. We’ve put everything in there which is not proprietary. Mike and Phyllis, we can’t recommend doctors out of state. Look at my long comment above (dated Feb 28) and you’ll see we’re starting a “medical tourist program” for people who can come to St. Louis and stay for a minimum of 3 seeks of intensive treatment.

    Our “Medical Tourist Program” is still in the experimental stage, we we’re optimistic that it will be able to help on an accelerated basis. Demetris, it sounds like you’re suffering from more than just Neuropathy. We you involved in any of the Gulf Wars? Without a thorough history, physical exam, and probably some nerve conduction tests, anything I might say here would just be guessing. You need to make an appointment and come see one of our doctors. Bring this correspondence with you when you come. And finally, Bobby, go to our “Make An Appointment” page. You’ll see a large map there which pinpoints our location and how to get to it. It also gives our address which you can give to a cab driver and he will get you directly to our office. Good luck, all.

  93. norm gegan on 25-Feb-2012

    more info needed

  94. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    Hi Phyllis — Check with me about our new “Medical Tourist” program for patients outside St. Louis. We can’t recommend local doctors, because we don’t know what they might or might not be doing regarding treatment. But we are making arrangements now for patients to travel to St. Louis, stay her for between one and two months, and be treated by our doctors. If you’d like to pursue this possibility, please send me an email. Cheers — Greg Andrews

  95. PHYLLIS CANADY on 24-Feb-2012

    Do you have a clinic or doctors in Little Rock, Arkansas? If so, please provide their names and address. Thanks

  96. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    You might want to check with me about our new “Medical Tourist” program for patients from outside St. Louis, David. If you are suffering from Neuropathy in your feet or legs, and if you can travel to St. Louis, I think we might be able to help you. Send me an email if you want to pursue this suggestions. Cheers — Greg

  97. David Cerny on 24-Feb-2012


  98. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    Hi Demetris — I don’t know if we can help you with everything that’s bothering you, but we can probably help with the Neuropathy problems in your feet and legs. If you think you might be able to come to St. Louis for treatment, please send me an email and ask about our “Medical Tourist” programs. Thanks — Greg Andrews

  99. Demetris Cann on 24-Feb-2012

    February 24, 2012

    I am 59 years old & suffer with Advanced RA, Lupis, Fibromyalgia, Restless leg syndrom back/hip pain. Need hip surgery

  100. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    Hello Mike — I can’t help you with info about treatment in the DC area. What we do is different than what most other doctors do, but if coming to St. Louis for treatment here is a possibility, please send me an email and ask about our “Medical Tourist” programs. Thanks — Greg Andrews

  101. mike fines on 24-Feb-2012

    send info on treatment plan and dc area

  102. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    Hi Bobby — Go to our site and go to the “Make An Appointment” page. You’ll see our address and a map showing where we are. Here’s a link:

    If you know the area, you’ll see that we’re in Bridgeton, about 5 miles East of the entrance to the Airport on St. Charles Rock Road.

    Hope this is helpful. Greg Andrews

  103. Bobby Mings on 23-Feb-2012

    I have really bad pain in my toes and feet ,where is your clinic

  104. NPD-Admin on 21-Feb-2012

    Theresa, the good news is we’ve just begun a medical tourist program for people just like you. If you think you could make the trip to St. Louis and travel stay for a minimum of 4 weeks, we think we might be able to help you. I’d suggest you send all of your medical records to me and I’ll forward them to Dr. Gilbertson. Than if he feels he might be able to help, you could be one of the first patients taking advantage of our medical tourist program. Hope to see you soon.

  105. Theresa Lambert on 21-Feb-2012

    I am diabetic, had CABGx4, double knee replacement all within the last ten years. The pains as described by many of the above testimonials are in my toes and feet, numbness, burning and severe shooting electric like pains. BUT I live in Australia! Where in Australia can I get the treatment you purport to have. I am 73, bright of mind but my feet are a worry.

  106. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    Come to St. Louis for treatment, Todd. Our treatment is unique, and we can’t recommend other doctors when we’re not familiar with the treatment they’re offering. If you’d like more information about our “Medical Tourist” program, please send me an email. Hope this helps. Greg Andrews

  107. Todd on 20-Feb-2012

    I am suffering from diabetic neourapathy, i have a shocking pain in my right foot ever 30 seconds tonight, do you have clinics in Dallas Texas?

  108. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    OK, N.C. White. That’s what we treat — Neuropathy in feet and legs. Please go back to our website and call Anni for an appointment. Anni’s number is at the top right of every page. It’s 314-739-2900. Hope our doctors will have a chance to see you soon. Greg Andrews

  109. N.C. White on 19-Feb-2012

    I would like help with the neuropathy in my feet.
    Thank you. N.C. White

  110. Angela Lewis-Wright on 14-Feb-2012

    Please let me know if this treatment is available in the UK.

    Many thanks.

  111. NPD-Admin on 26-Apr-2012

    Hi Mary — I’d need to consult with one of our doctors to be able to give you a good answer to your very specific question. In general terms, I can tell you that one of the known side effects of chemotherapy is Neuropathy. If coming to St. Louis for treatment is a possibility for you, Mary, please send me an email and I’ll see about getting you enrolled in our “Medical Tourist” program. Greg Andrews

  112. Mary Andrews on 12-Feb-2012

    I have had neuropathy for 2 years. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and shogrens disease. I think the methotrexate I take could have caused the neuropathy. I’m in constant pain. Do you have a clinic near Denver, CO?

  113. Gary Lora on 11-Feb-2012

    Want to find out more about neuropathy

  114. James C Bell, Jr on 08-Feb-2012

    When I read your newletter I feel that there is hope for me. I wish I live in Mo, cause I would be looking for help from you. I live in Portsmouth, VA on east coast and I have not been able to find a Doctor that could give us hope for nopathy. I live everyday with pain in my legs ankle and burning feet, I am 67 and it slow me down. Can you surgest a Doctor in my area like your that I could get your help. Many thanks and good lucky with you pratice and beleive me If I were in MO I would be in your office yesterday……
    Awake your reply James Bell 3525 Doerr Road Portsmouth, Va 23703

  115. Brinda Watson on 05-Feb-2012

    I am e-mailing in reference to my father. I think he is in early stages of neuropathy he has tingling in his feet and problems with one of his big toes and sometimes pain in the leg. He has type 2 diabetis. His doctor gave him Gabapentin for the pain and I made him stop taking it because of all of the side affects in fact I was furious after I looked it up on the internet and found out all the lawsuits and problems people have had from it. My father is on a limited income, but he does have medicare part a and b and essence I need to know if this will cover and if he would need a referral he also lives in Illinois is there a Mayo Clinc there?

  116. Mary Lynn Morocco on 01-Feb-2012

    Do you have a place in Pittsburgh PA that can help me?

  117. Rebecca Fruth RN on 31-Jan-2012

    Who are the doctors (names please).

  118. Gail on 29-Jan-2012

    I’m a 56 years old and have had burning feet for 5 years. I’m not diabetic and have had all the test done with negative results. The drs, don’t know why I have this pain and I’m not one to ‘try’ medications without knowing the cause and if the medications will actually help. There are too many side effects from those meds to take them without knowing if they will actually help. Is there anything you can do to help me?

  119. chris on 28-Jan-2012

    Im 26 years old now and have had neuropthy for 2 years now and it hurts like hell. I have been take vitamin b12 magensium liporic acid and befiotiamine for a couple days now it has helped some but at night its a killer

  120. wayne simmonite on 26-Jan-2012

    im 28 years old ive had neuropathic pain for 2 years now and just been told there is nothing my doctor can do apart from take tablets to mast the pain so you know how i feel then ive seen this web site and wondered you you could sort this anything it better that whats happening. Im on 900 gabbitine 3x a day and not doing any thing pleas help

  121. Linda Kirk on 26-Jan-2012

    I have been diagnosed with Neuropathy (many doctors do not want to make this diagnosis) and take a neurontin type medication. If there are treatments available – is there any place in Minnesota??? I live in Alexandria, Minnesota, but doctor mostly in St. Cloud. I believe that it is progressive and medication just does keep it at bay!! I was told by one doctor that my neuropathy was caused by a lack of Vitamin B12 – can that be??? I am taking many vitamins now. Please respond.

  122. desperate on 25-Jan-2012

    Where is the nearest to al.

  123. Novella Scott on 21-Jan-2012

    Where is the nearest clinic to Al

  124. WILLIAM STILL on 21-Jan-2012

    need to know if there is a clinic in the Augusta, Ga. Columbia, S.C. or Aiken, S.C. area

  125. howard hartsell on 20-Jan-2012

    I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet (diabetes type II) The doc had me on Lyrica and now switched to gabapentin. I am in Beach City , Ohio 44608. Any doctors (clinics) close by???

  126. Kenneth Parrish on 19-Jan-2012

    I have read many of your testimonials and also need to know of a local doctor.using you process. I am currently scheduled for PAD surgery next month, this is a repeat on the left leg. The surgeon just cleaned the artery but it is blocked again.
    Prior to needing this procedure, I have been suffering from diabetic .neuropathy
    Awaiting your response!!
    Ken Parrish

  127. sue on 18-Jan-2012

    do you know of a doctor like you in my area lake charles louisiana or i could go to houston texas area

  128. Vicki on 17-Jan-2012

    I have some type of neuropathy foot problems going on. They stared soon after surgery on an ankle. I have a total ankle replacement and have had 11 surgerys on this foot. I can’t wear a shoe because of the burning and pain it causes. I live in Arizona.

  129. Evelyn Morgan on 16-Jan-2012

    I have had neuropathy over 3 years, which resulted from radiation following a lumpectomy, in the midriff/breast area. I have been on many meds, some of which resulted in losing my teeth, which were prescribed by a neurologist. I am presentlly seeing a Pain Mgt. Dr., who is recommending cauterization of T5 & T7. What are the side effects of this procedure? I am so tired of this stabbing and burning in my chest, which keeps me awake at night and hinders my daily activity. Another Pain Mgt. Dr. prescribed LidoDerm pain patches, which relieved it for a time, but are no longer effective.

  130. rose frueh on 15-Jan-2012

    I have had treatment with shots into both of my feet. -ll in each foot and I don’t see any difference than before the shots. A nerve test was conducted before the treatment and after the treatment. Is this the kind of treatment you are offering?

  131. Chris Burrelli on 13-Jan-2012

    I have neuropathy, I am in constant pain all the time. I am taking gabapentin..300 mg. 3 x a day, cymbalta..30 mg. 2 x a day, vicodin..500 mg. 3 x a day….took all that 3 hours ago and I wish someone would come and cut my legs off. Can’t get out of bed numbness, tingling, burning all the way up legs also in hands and arms. Also being treated for celiac disease, not allowed any gluten foods, so what can I eat? Nothing good anyways…I pray to God everyday to take pain away, just ready to eat all pills, take nap and pray not to wake up. Is there any clinics or doctors in Pennsylvania that could hep me…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also tired of crying all the time and feeling like a burden….

  132. Angie Almaraz on 03-Jan-2012

    to the people at this clinic. you have provided this site and capability to comment but get no type of real response to any of our questions. Please send some responses…..

  133. Jacqueline on 02-Jan-2012

    I am a Breast cancer survivor of several years.
    I was diagnosed exactly one year ago with This Type II Diabetis.
    I have never ever made a statement about breast cancer, one way or another. My greatest feelings about this disease was that it wasn’t for topic of conversation. I never had this much pain, and disconfort with chemo. and radiation, as I am having with the neuropathy, and just at moments felling yuky
    I believe this thing, called diebetis, definitely, is a demon, because it affects too many people in too many was. This is why I beiing a child of God is speaking by faith that thru my closer walk with Christ, right eating habits, and exercising I CONFESS OUT OF MY MOUTH THAT I WLL NOT CONTINUE TO BE DIEBETIC,

    Soon I found that I absolutely hate it.. It seems to have its way of controlling your very breath.

    I say this day January 1, 2012 that I will take my control of my body back and Rid omyself of this disease.

  134. jeyaraj Marc on 23-Dec-2011

    I have toe pain and numbness and even putting blanket on my feet in the night hurt and I amalso diabetic. Ple le me know what I should do. Jeyarj Marc

  135. Allan on 23-Dec-2011

    I am 67yrs old, I retired in 05 because of the pain,and the difficulty I had trying to walk. I have had spinal fusion, and both hips have been replaced. I still have the same problem that I saught help for when I first retired. I have had steroidal injections in the spine and a nerve block implant, Nothing has helped! I am at the point that I don’t care if I had both feet amputated Anything to stop the pain. I visited a surgeon on the 20th of Dec. and he refused to do a denervation. What more can I do? Life is
    becoming unbearable. Allan

  136. Halina Miller on 20-Dec-2011

    I have neuropathy I take gabapetine methadone.I leave in Charlotte NC.Please give me the DR in CharlotteNC.I have a Medicare and Medicaid.Thank you Sicerly Halina Miller

  137. Mary Schlatt on 19-Dec-2011

    Are there any Neurology Dr.s in near Redding, ca 96001 Wouls you please reply ASAP. Thank you Sincerely
    Mary Schlatt

  138. Alan West on 16-Dec-2011

    What is the treatment?

  139. bret bailey on 15-Dec-2011

    I need help with my neuropathy and neve pain in the calves. Taking gabapetine 3 times a day and 1500 mg of hydro codone to seep at night. Worried of what thiws is doing t my body. I am 50 years old and have had this for a year and 3 months. Getting worse to where what meds I am on, does not work. Becomming intolerant towards the meds and dont like it. I live in Stockton, California…were is the closest place that I can go for treatment? I am a Kaiser patient.

  140. shahanaz on 15-Dec-2011

    I am in need of NPD urgently as the pain in my heels has increased in the last one year. I am suffering from this pain for last serveral years.Kindly help.I live in Bombay India.

  141. cherrid on 14-Dec-2011

    je suis diabetique type 2 je prends traitement le matin et le soir et egalement hernie discale j etais opere il y a un an j ai des fourmillements au pieds j ai mal au dos et jambes encore voila que dois faire j habite en france y a ti l un medein qui vous represente en france merci de me repondre

  142. Wally Platz on 02-Dec-2011

    Plus i forgot to say that i’ve been having Epileptic seizures for quite a few years now. I didn’t know if that might have anything to do with all my numbness. My Neurologist tells me it’s something i’m gonna have live with. Is that true??

  143. Wally Platz on 02-Dec-2011

    I’m not a Diebetic. But i do have the numbness & tingling in my feet & in my fingers & hands too. Could you do anything for my hands?

  144. Mary Ann Conway on 17-Nov-2011

    I’m looking for a doctor in the Omaha NE area that does the surgery. Thanks

  145. Dan on 16-Nov-2011

    On you on the trustmark Insurance Plan?

  146. Ron Rodgers on 12-Nov-2011

    I would like to ask you if you have had anyone that has experence what I have been through the last two weeks.

    I suffer from very mild CP, Epilepsy, and Neuropthy. My pain was really bad about 10 years ago when I first came dome with the Neuropthy.and it was at a level 8. 10 is the worse possible pain. But as I got older things started happing that put me on a track to a living hell. Doctors put a pain pup in my stomach and stored the strongest medication at five to ten time the rate as was put in my body any other way. The meds worked real good and kept me pain free for a year or more then they wore off and the pain was back if not as bad perhaps five times worse. Then to make matters worse the wonderful doctor that I had and kept me pain free for so long retired and the doctor that took his place had my wife and myself come in to see him.and he did not say much to us then said I had too many pre-exesting issues and told us to leave the hospital or he would call the police.
    Two weeks later I went to the hospital that just opened by my house which was perfit as I can not drive due to the epilepsy and my wife would need to take a 30 mile trip one way to get to the other hospital,the first one that he threw me out of. Well we are sitting there talking to this doctor and he was really wanting to help me and after about one hour and 15 minutes he starts to write me some prescriptions when his pager goes off. He answers the phone and I could see a mad look on his face. He said he had to leave the room for a minute and would be right back. It was the same doctor that threw me out of the other hospital and he is telling him that I am not allowed in Swedish Hospitals pain clenic and to get rid of me. Since this two more doctors have told me to leave there place as they would not help me. At this point I came home and I am on 32 different pills for the pain in my feet and the seizures. Even today I think of going and getting a large glass of Pepsi and then seeing how many of those pills I can swallow as fast as I can. then go to sleep forever. No one can tell me if I have any legal recourse in thi, and I ca not find another doctor who is will to help me. But I will not go on and keep living my life in pain just because this moreon wants to put me away. What would you do? Let me know.

    Thank you
    Ron Rodgers


  147. Loretta Davis on 08-Nov-2011

    I read most of all the different articles posted. I am impressed. I have had leg and foot cramps since childhood. Nothing helps these so called “Charlie Horses” or cramps but just rubbing them or holding them tightly until they go away.
    Now I have foot heel and ankle nuropathy due to type 2 diabetes. My feet hurt so bad and I just cannot do anything to stop the pain. My ankles are red and blue and hurt so very much even if I rub them I must be very gentle. I take a lot and I mean a lot of medications prescribed by my Doctors. Nothing helps my foot pain. I live in St. Charles Area so I am not far from Bridgeton. I do have medical Insurance, Medicare

  148. Angie on 06-Nov-2011

    I live in southern Ohio are there any offices near me

  149. Angie Almaraz on 03-Nov-2011

    I have had no reponse to the email i sent previously. We need help for my husband. Continues to have chronic neuropothy pain. please help. Our phone # 541-709-0248. Please send help to our area. Nyssa, Oregon. His pain is so bad he is taking way too much pain meds and antidepressants. Cymbalta, Tramidol, and others. He has also tried so many others But none of them seem to really work. I’m afraid they will do more harm to him over time.
    Again please help.

  150. nina on 23-Oct-2011

    i started neuropathy with chemo. i live in LA, CA
    how can you help me? tooooo much pain, burnning, stabbing 24 hours a day.

  151. Lee Murphy on 20-Oct-2011

    I need help I 49 years old and I need help with my Neuropathy. I have no insuance. I can’t take the pain no more , I pray to God every day for him to take the pain away. I wish I could go buy one day with no pain! Will some one help me please! Thankyou for listening to me or call me at 816-695-4238. Thankyou!

  152. Angie Almaraz on 17-Oct-2011

    Do you have any of your facilities located in any other states like Idaho or Oregon. We live near the Oregon and Idaho border. Need somewhere closer. My husband has horrible Diabetic nerve pain. Nothing really seems to help. It hurts me to see him suffer on a daily bases. He has to go to work like that. Sometimes without much sleep. There are days he has to call in sick because he’s so tired from the pain. I worry, because there are days he just can’t seem to take it anymore. All i do is pray for him. We both have insurance. But your facility is just too far. for him to have the treatment he would need to get better. I need help for my husband and his pain. Sometimes he tries to hide it from everyone around him and I am the only one that knows he is in pain. He pushes himself to play and spend time with our grandchildren. And there are those times he just can’t seem to get himself to do what he would like when our grandson is with us. So he tells our little grandson he just doesn’t feel well. My grandson will say grandpa let me pray for you so will feel better. Once our grandson is done praying he says ok grandpa do you feel better. And to make our grandson happy he will say yes and begin to play with him, still in pain and so tired. We are still very young grandparents My husband is only 45. But walks like an 80 year old. What can we do.

  153. John Obenhaus on 16-Oct-2011

    I have severe neuropathy in my feet. Do you have a local office. I live in the Granite City, Illinois area.

  154. Maureen DeLuca on 16-Oct-2011

    Is there anyone in the Tampa area or Gainesville Florida area doing these treatments?

  155. Terri on 15-Oct-2011

    I have neurodegenerative cerebellar ataxia….so reality tells me there is alot going on…my feet are pretty much numb, burn, hurt and my legs hurt, too… total left knee replacement ’08…i can no longer work…sometimes, i have numbness/tingles in my pointer fingers…. i live in far NE Missouri…. use Gabapentin now…any thoughts………….thanks..

  156. miguel miranda on 13-Oct-2011

    live in chicago il.and I would like to know if you have an office near by.

  157. Judy Weder on 13-Oct-2011

    Do you have an office fo this treatment in Illinois? I live in Collinville-Belleville area. Thank you, Judy

  158. Barbara Fuss on 11-Oct-2011

    I’m fascinated by your claims. I was DX’d w/ Type II Diabetes in 2000 and am on Metformin, Glipizide and for the pain and numbness Gabapentin and now Metanx (balance improved w/ the Metanx and am now no longer afraid to stand in the shower, but not back to “normal”). I see my PCP q 3 mos and get labwork then. A1C 5.9 last time, and it has gone as low as 5.2, so I don’t test sugars regularly. I fear if I’m covering the pain and numbness w/ the meds the neuropathy (which is progressive) may be worse than I think because SX are better. I’m in St. Louis and plan to make an appt. This is encouraging. Thanks in advance.

  159. Joe Cholley on 11-Oct-2011

    Do you know of a doctor in the canton ohio area?

  160. Wilda Witt on 10-Oct-2011

    This past six months I’ve been in considerable discomfort with Neuropathy. I am a type II diabetic and struggle greatly with keeping my sugar levels. I have been placed on Cymbalta and Neurotin with out any good results. It seems the creams you can buy do more good than the medication. I currently am without insurance and I’m wondering what kind of charges would be in order to receive your tx.
    Thank You, Wilda Witt

  161. ken gorodn on 09-Oct-2011

    I have severe chronic neuropathy. I have been to many doctors and they believe it stems from a failed back surgery, I am not diabetic and I am 61 years old. I live in Los Angeles and need your help. If you have a name and phone number and time I would like to have my doctor call yours. Thanks, Ken

  162. ANDREW Boyle on 28-Sep-2011

    I need to find someone in the DC area to treat my body

    Can you recommend a neurologist back in the DC area someone who specialize in peripheral neuropathy that I have I got this from too much chemo and it drives me crazyI wish I was out there so I could see you

    thanks for your help


  163. Arlene Jarvis on 26-Sep-2011

    I have neuropathy probably caused because I have Diabetis Type 2. Doctors say there is really nothing to do for it. Do you have any offices in California. I live in Yuba City, CA 50 miles from Sacramento. Maybe there is someone in Sacramento. Can you help?

  164. ANTHONY WRIGHT on 26-Sep-2011


  165. Eugenia Holliday on 24-Sep-2011

    Do you have a doctor in the greater Daytona Beach area? i see a
    neurologist so far he has sent me for therapy which has helped some — i suggested taking large doses if B1 and B12 from
    WNS he okayed it and said walking was good. That is the only”treatment” I am receiving — my legs hurt when walking
    mostly muscles in the shin area — sometimes i get cramps in my
    hamstrings at night. I feel I should be doing more Thank you

  166. Linda on 21-Sep-2011

    I have neuropathy in my left toes and leg and both of my arches burn when I walk for more than 5 minutes. Do you have any doctors in the Hartford, Connecticut area who can help me?

  167. Jil Looney on 14-Sep-2011

    Are there any Dr.s that you know of in the Fort Worth Tx area that can treat Peripheral Neuropathy?


  168. betty Sullivan on 24-Aug-2011

    it was very interesting, I am going to a pain center tomorrow
    hopeing i find something to help,. if not I might give you call

  169. Verna Harford on 19-Aug-2011

    I have a condition called Painful Legs and Moving Toes Syndrome and now the Neuro says it is Neuropathy. The Pain is constant and in my lower legs and feet. I need help. The Neuro Dr says there is nothing more he can do for me.

    Thank you.

  170. Tom Griffiths on 11-Aug-2011

    What is your address and phone number for your Kansas City office, Thanks……………….

  171. admin on 09-Aug-2011

    Betsy, I don’t want to make any promises but that’s a common complaint and usually one of the first go improve. Where are you located? Perhaps we can find someone near you. Dr G

  172. Betsy Genius on 09-Aug-2011

    What is the success rate in your treatment of small fiber neuropathy? My dad is suffering severe burning pain both feet that even turn red at times. He is not diabetic and has had every test including skin test. He has turned to a vegan diet as well and does not drink booze. He has also tried implanting the biotherapy nerve blocking device without success. Any clue on what he can do to help stop the blow torch burning feeling in his feet?

  173. admin on 03-Aug-2011

    The symptoms usually increase slowly as not to notice their advancement. It is best to have treatment as early as possible and usually requires less treatment.

  174. Lonnie Nasalroad on 03-Aug-2011

    I was diagnosed with Neuropathy eight years ago. I am not having any severe pain but the numbness in my toes is pretty much constant. Should I be concerned being how it hasn’t gotten any more severe?

  175. Bette Ann on 31-Jul-2011

    I would love to make an appt. I have suffered with neuropathy for years. My feet are so bad…….I live in Florida..Is there any help here?

  176. admin on 12-Jul-2011

    It is possible the nerve damage can be reversed with our treatment. In most cases follow up nerve tests should improved conduction of the nerves. Neuropathy is progressive so it is important you receive treatment as soon as possible.

  177. linda forguson on 10-Jul-2011

    i have been diagnosed with diabeties neuropathy and nerve damage they gave me gabapatin 400 mg 3x daily but my pain still persist HELP!

  178. admin on 28-Jun-2011

    The cost of the consultation/ examination depends on the amount of time involved but is around $100. Yes is covered by Medicare. We are in Bridgeton, MO approximately 4 miles West of the airport off I-70

  179. admin on 05-Jul-2011

    Yes, covered by insurance, Medicare and Medicaid

  180. David Kelsey on 21-Jun-2011

    type 2 diabetes, on pill only, no insuling yet. having some success with diet, but not enough will power to avoid sweets and alchohol. will my insurance pay anything for your treetments?

  181. Arnaldo on 09-Jun-2011

    I have been diagnosed with neuropathy for about 6yrs and it’s getting no better. I have learned to a point as to tolerate it. Sometimes is too much of discomfort and pain, sometimes as if my toes are pinched altogether very hard. Sometimes a spasm shoot of pain lasting form seconds to minutes.

  182. Mona Dalton on 03-Jun-2011

    I’m scared I’ve been in denial I need help I am currently not working can you help me

  183. admin on 24-May-2011

    There are a couple of non-Federal Government Medicare HMO programs that limit the number of doctors in their plan that may not cover. You can give us a call at 314-739-2900 and we can tell you for sure if your covered.

  184. admin on 24-May-2011

    We are located in Bridgeton, MO, on St Charles Rock Road (about 5 miles West of the St Louis Airport off I-70)

  185. admin on 24-May-2011

    It would be worth your time to explore our treatment procedure, it has been very effective for most. No one in the St Louis area is doing the same procedure.

  186. admin on 24-May-2011

    Consultation and exam cost vary depending on the complexity and time spent but it is usually cover by insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

  187. admin on 24-May-2011

    Sorry, not at this time.

  188. admin on 24-May-2011

    We have treated a number a cases that were chemo induced and yes we can help In some cases.

  189. admin on 24-May-2011

    Our address is 11903 St Charles Rock Rd in Bridgeton, MO (about 5 miles West of the St Louis Airport off I-70). The cost of consultation varies according to complexity and time spent and us usually under $100. The cost is covered by Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. You can call Anni at 314-739-2900 and she can help with deductibles and co-insurance questions.

  190. Dona Pierce on 05-Mar-2011

    I would like to know how much the initial consultation costs. Also, are your treatment centers and pain Doctors in St. Louis, Missouri and if so what is the address.

  191. NeuropathyPainDoctors on 20-Feb-2011

    Yes, we have several patients who are willing to talk with you, please call Anni at 314-739-2900.
    We do not have a office in South County but depending on your condition it may only take a visits to produce a positive change.
    It would be best to call for an appointment.

  192. Bernice Webb on 13-Feb-2011

    I have been dignosed with neuropathy for 7 years and have taken gapheratin, lycera &now cymbalta and it just gets worse. Do you have an office in south county. Can you give me the phone number of one of your patients?

  193. NeuropathyPainDoctors on 07-Feb-2011

    Hi Mary Ann and Mark —

    Thanks for your comments. I’ve forwarded them to the doctors. If you want to leave your email addresses, they’ll be able to contact you, but for now, the best I can do is leave this comment as a reply. The doctors can’t quote prices for your treatment until they’ve examined you, but for most patients, Medicare covers most of the treatment needed. And Mark, it’s pretty difficult to make appointments strictly by email, but if you’ll send us your email address, we’ll see what we can do.

    Hope this helps.
    Greg, Website Administrator

  194. admin on 24-May-2011

    Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid do cover the treatment. The cost depends on the number of nerves treated. Anni can help with questions on coverage, deductibles and co-insurance. She can be reached at 314-739-2900

  195. NeuropathyPainDoctors on 20-Feb-2011

    Treatment costs vary depending on the number of nerves involved and the number of treatments required. Fortunately, insurance, Medicare and Medicaid will usually cover most or all of the cost involved. If you call the office we can check your coverage. 314-739-2900

  196. Mary Ann on 29-Jan-2011

    Very interesting. It may well be what I have, but I doubt that I
    could afford it. I’d be shocked if my Medicare Complete covers
    anything like it.

    Nowhere did I see in your article the prices charged for these treatments. I’d be more interested if I knew what they are.
    I may have missed them somewhere in the reading of the

    treatment Ha

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